Slovenian coast, Postojna

The Slovenian coast stretches only over 42km, yet each kilometre is full of surprises. As you explore the coast, you can pay a visit to the famous Sečovlje salt pans, which were first mentioned in the 13th century and are today a magnificent outdoor museum and an important sanctuary for more than 150 bird varieties. Lovers of old seaside towns will certainly enjoy walking around Piran, Izola and Koper, which attract visitors with their medieval city centres, filled with mysterious streets, small souvenir shops, excellent restaurants and pleasant cafés.

Leaving the Slovenian coast, the road will take you to the Karst region. In the cellars of stone-built houses, you can try and buy excellent wines, as the Bora wind dries the prosciutto in the attic. This gourmet paradise is also a paradise for the lovers of the Karst underground. The Postojna cave, first mentioned in 1213, is the most popular cave in Europe. The Škocjan Caves, deemed to be even more beautiful by some and included on the UNESCO list of world natural and cultural sites, boast one of the largest underground halls in the world – the Martel hall. 

We recommend: Piran, Izola, Postojna Cave, Štanjel, Komen na Krasu, Škocjan Caves....