Idrija and Cerkno area

The Idrija and Cerkno area is rich with natural as well as cultural sites. The cultural heritage of Cerkno is deeply embedded in a carnival custom, a living folk tradition locally named “laufarji”. A short distance away, near the village of Šebrelje, there is a place called Divje babe, an archaeological site, where the oldest discovered musical instrument in the world, a 55,000-year-old bone flute, was found.

The rich cultural heritage of Idrija is based on mining and lacemaking. Antonijev rov, a tourist mine shaft listed on the UNESCO list of protected cultural heritage, allows visitors to learn about the mining tradition in the second largest mercury mine in the world. You can find out more about the 300-year-old lacemaking tradition in Idrija at the international lacemaking centre. This region is also rich with natural attractions. We recommend that you visit the mysterious Gačnik gorge, which has stirred imagination with its numerous waterfalls, river beds and river pools, or you can visit the mysterious karst lake Divje jezero, a protected natural monument not far from the town of Idrija.

We recommend: Antonijev rov, Divje jezero, Gačnik waterfall, Divje babe, Franja Partisan Hospital …